Telehealth Services at Side by Side Psychology

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia, all appointments will be carried out via Telehealth until it is advisable to provide face-to-face appointments again.

In consideration of this and wanting to provide the therapy and intervention for current and new clients, we have enabled current clients of Side by Side Psychology that are transitioning to Telehealth to head the Current Clients tab to complete an updated Telehealth Consent Form.

For NEW clients, you are encouraged to complete Registration and Consent forms through this site under the NEW CLIENTS tab under the Telehealth Services at Side by Side Psychology heading.

We will also be adding additional information about using Telehealth over the coming days, weeks and months as this will likely continue to be a useful way to deliver therapy and supervision in years to come.

Here is a document you can follow through that shows you step by step how to get to your Telehealth session via Zoom technology, which is what we are currently using.

Here is some further information about COVID-19 and things you can do as suggested by the Australian Psychological Society.

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