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These resources are for you to learn a bit more about autism, anxiety, child psychology and mindfulness. Take advantage of these resources developed by Side by Side Psychology founder, Kate French.

A 20 page resource on anxiety, it’s presentation and ways to support it in autistic individuals by Kate French, Clinical psychologist.

A Parent’s Guide to Sharing Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis. A guide to using a strengths focus to help your child learn of their autism identification by Kate French, Clinical Psychologist

Challenging Behaviour & Autism Presentation series presented online in 2019.

A series of videos exploring mindfulness and a few quick demonstrations on how to start this with your children or teens.

Following years of exploring fun and engaging ways to expand or introduce people to helpful concepts Kate French has developed a list of apps for mindfulness, emotion regulation, mental health & yoga.

Explore how energy is used and how by tracking what drains and energises our “battery” we begin to see how we might prevent meltdowns, shutdowns and burnout.