Side by Side Psychology is available for a variety of psychology therapy services for a wide range of needs including for mental health therapy and counselling.  This practice also has specific expertise in helping those who have or Autism or identify as being Autistic.  This therapy may be for an individual of any age; so a toddler, a child, or a young person or an adult who identifies as being on the Autism Spectrum.

Therapy can take different forms and it could occur as:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Group therapy programs
  • Parenting sessions and group parenting programs
  • Online Programs (also to be found on

A typical session involves your therapist allocating an hour of time per appointment. Within that hour, 50-55 minutes will be spent with your therapist, with the remaining time being for your therapist to write-up notes or any reporting letters required for you.

Side by Side Psychology is a fee for service private practice and sessions are unable to be ‘free’ or bulk-billed.  All appointments are required to be paid for at the time of service or in the case of group programs, before commencement of the group.

Individual session and group therapy fees will vary across different therapists and it is best to speak to Reception about these specific costs.

Payments can be made via EFTPOS, or cash with Medicare rebates available at the practice.

The rebate amounts again vary depending on the nature of the referral, the type of therapy being provided and the type of therapist you will see.

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