Therapists at Side by Side Psychology provide intervention and therapy that is evidenced based and holds the needs of the client at the heart of everything that is done.

The kinds of therapy may vary from using a behavioural understanding (what is the function of the behaviours), cognitive-behavioural (understanding the role of thoughts and how they lead to feelings and behaviours) through to narrative and social-thinking interventions.  All therapy attempts to take into account sensory differences and takes advantages of using visual supports wherever possible.

Side by Side Psychology also is a family centred practice  and works closely with those parents and carers living with someone care about that is on the Autism Spectrum or who is Neurodiverse.

The phrase Neurodiverse is used to identify all those related conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (with no intellectual disability), Aspergers Syndrome, Autism ( with an intellectual disability), Pathological Demand Avoidance (a possible subtype of Autism) and other related conditions that affect social abilities and sensory differences such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Social and Communication Disorder and Mutism.

The therapy you seek may be to get assistance with:

  • adjusting to the diagnosis for self or a family member
  • assistance for emotion regulation challenges
  • help for improving social thinking skills
  • therapy for heightened anxiety, anger and/or hyperactivity
  • assistance with how to make and keep friends

And therapy is always modified to the individual and takes into account their strengths and current interests.

Side by Side Psychology embodies a strengths based approach that utilises research from positive psychology domain so that the best outcomes can occur.

Therapy may be short term to work on a specific and current set of difficulties, or it may take the form of ‘blocks’ of therapy that start and stop over the course of months or years, with the goals evolving as the needs of the client does.

Because autism is a life-long condition, it’s common to enter and exit therapy as needed.

Please contact us to get an idea of whether this is the right place for you, your child or young person on 50215616.

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