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Interoception and Emotion Regulation – Monday 23rd May, 2022, 6-8pm

Do you have a child (or know one) that is often busting for the toilet, doesn’t seem to feel the cold (or doesn’t take their jumper off on a 40 degree day), or that it’s difficult for them to remember to drink or even eat? Or perhaps they don’t seem to feel pain for some things, but then are very sensitive to other sensations? These characteristics could indicate that they have differences in their interoception sensory system.

 The interoception is considered the 8th sensory system and it is responsible for awareness and the perception of sensations from WITHIN the body and can relate to things like feeling temperature, heart rate, hunger and thirst and other bodily sensations. Research is beginning to illustrate the importance of this sensory system in the development of emotion regulation.

Emotion regulation is not just about understanding feeling words, facial expressions and names for feelings and then doing something about our feelings. Emotions have a physiological part to them and we need to have a sense of the physical component to understand them before we can do any of these things. So if an individual doesn’t have accurate interoception awareness, understanding emotions (especially subtle ones) can be really difficult.

In this training we will look at understanding this sense and how to develop improved interoception awareness. We will link this learning back to how it can assist the individual to become more aware of both subtle and big emotions.

Who is this for?

This is for parents that may be wondering what is happening with their child’s behaviour and feeling concerned for their ability to manage emotions. It’s for those that may be thinking about an autism diagnosis or assessment for their child and wondering how they can support them. It’s for those parents that recognise that their child has difficulty detecting their feelings and managing these easily.

This will be particularly useful if you are a parent, teacher or working with a child that may be autistic or neurodivergent, because we know that interoception differences occur more often in this group of people, and are also over-represented with emotional difficulties such as high anxiety and depression.

To encourage knowledge and understanding in this area and how individuals, parents, carers, educators and allied health professionals can support the development of emotion regulation via an understanding of interoception awareness, Kate will be sharing some ideas and encouraging anyone with an interest to explore this important topic together.  

What will I learn?

  • What interoception is.
  • How emotion regulation occurs involving interoception awareness.
  • How to understand your child’s interoception differences.
  • How to respond to an individual who is experiencing emotional dysregulation by understanding their sensory and nervous system.
  • How to help support an individuals interoception awareness.
  • How to feel more confident to support neurodivergent children, teens or adults when you are a parent, carer, educator or allied health professional..

When is it on?

Join me, Monday the 23rd May 2022, from 6-8pm

This is priced at $47 per person and bookings close COB Friday the 20th May.

Tickets cannot be purchased on the night but you can arrange your ticket via the secure Stripe portal, by clicking the image below.

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