Group Therapy Programs

Group therapy is an important modality to support children in their mental health and wellbeing. Therapy delivered in this format provides opportunities to practice skills that they may have been working on in individual or family sessions and provides valuable moments connecting with peers. The opportunity to meet, mix and create connections and friendships all the while having a positive experience in a mental health setting sets a very positive direction for future mental health. All of the programs are created or delivered by highly qualified professionals that understand child development and group dynamics and group learning.

A combination of published, manualised group programs as well as original programs are designed to address social and emotional skill development for children in kindergarten through to the final years of primary school.

The programs delivered at Side by Side Psychology are varied. Many of the programs are delivered under the banner of Bright Side Learning and Therapy-which is a collaboration between the owner of Side by Side Psychology, Clinical Psychologist, Kate French and the owner of Bright Futures Mildura, Educational Consultant, Danielle O’Brien.

Currently each school holidays there are Social Emotional Groups run-see the School Holiday Group page for more information. In addition to this, during the Term, Westmead Feelings Program (a 15 months intervention for supporting children to develop emotion regulation skills) and the Fun with Feelings Program are also run. Check out their pages to learn more about these.

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