Group Therapy Programs

Group Therapy Programs are run each school holidays, under the business name Bright Side Learning and Therapy which is a joining of Side be Side Psychology with Bright Futures Mildura- Danielle O’Brien (Educational Consultant).

We use a combination of published (manualised) group programs as well as original programs designed to address social and emotional skill development for children in kindergarten through through to the end of primary school. The groups usually run across one week of the holidays for 10 hours, with sessions daily.

All of the groups include fun team building and creative construction activities while exploring emotions, emotion regulation skills, introduction to mindfulness and relaxation skills. Underpinning this is an understanding of positive psychology, including gratitude practices and growth mindset concepts. A focus on practice of social skills and social thinking skills is also part of our philosophy.

Groups that we have run include:

  • Exploring Feelings Programs; CBT for anxiety (by Tony Attwood)
  • Exploring Feelings The Stress and Anger Management Program for ASD children (by Tony Attwood)
  • The Zones of Regulation Program (Leah Kuypers)
  • The Summer Starters Group (for children entering school in the new school year)
  • The Autumn Zones Program (ideas from The Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking)
  • The Magic of Me (a Harry Potter inspired group)
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me (A Toy Story inspired group about friendship skills)
  • Happiness Ninjas
  • The Colour Monsters
  • The Game of Life
  • What’s Your Superpower?
  • How to train a warrior
  • Science of Happiness

A new group will occur each school holidays which will incorporate a new theme each time. Previous group participants are invited to return and booking early is encouraged to prevent missing out on a place.

With the implementation of social distancing recommendations, our groups have returned to face to face for the Winter School holidays, with infection control implemented to limit the spread of germs and viruses.

We are currently taking enrolments for our Spring School Holiday groups beginning the second week of the Victorian School Holidays: 28th September-2nd October. Enrolments need to be in on or before the 18th September.

Minecraft Theme-for Prep through to Grade 3 children.

Minecraft Theme -for Grade 3 through to Grade 6 children.

Both Groups will have a Minecraft theme, but the activities and focus may differ slightly, as we will cater the content to the age, capability and needs of the children.