NEW: Challenging Behaviour and Autism Presentations

Three presentations on behaviour, emotions and sensory regulation

If you would like to view a series of three presentations I completed in mid May/June 2020 on Challenging Behaviour and Autism please click here to receive the link and to receive further updates as part of my community.

The first video details a behavioural look at understanding the function of challenging behaviour and reviews the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) philosophy as a form of parent intervention and support.

The second video examines the role of emotions in understanding behaviour better, particularly the emotional understanding and differences in autism, before exploring a little about emotion coaching parenting styles taught in the Tuning into Kids and Tuning into Teens programs.

The third video focuses on the sensory differences and challenges that occurs in autism and how intervention and understanding can be beneficial. A discussion of the Zones of Regulation and occupational therapy interventions was also covered.

Mindfulness Videos

If you’d like some inspiration for practicing mindfulness, here I take you through some brief, easy to do Mindfulness activities via a video I’ve uploaded to my You Tube Channel.

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I look forward to being along side you in your Mindfulness journey!